A long overdue tasting note for this Oban 1969. I had the chance to try it years ago, but for some reason it never happened. Given the opportunity to purchase a bottle at a very, very reasonable price a while ago I decided it was time to open it for Christmas. But I just couldn’t wait with this one, it was staring at me and I just wanted to know if it was as good as I always hoped it would be. While writing this review I noticed I have never published an Oban tasting note before and that is weird because I have had plenty of Obans in the past. So time to catch up but first let’s start with this one.

This Oban is bottled at 55,1% ABV and was released in 2002.

Oban 1969 tasting notes:

Nose: Salted oranges. It is quite intense but also a bit closed at first. Oily with some werthers original candy and citrus. Not really complex but all very well defined and great. Later I am getting more citric fruitiness combined with marzipan, vanilla custard. It’s also a bit mossy and sandy, that reminds me of fishing nets and a sandy beach.

Taste: Salt, brine and an outspoken citric aspect with mainly oranges and grapefruit. A touch of wood and ginger. Vanilla. Followed by some smokiness and a lovely honey layer too. Water weakens the saltiness a bit and the fruity notes become fresher. Also some nutmeg and ginger can be find here.

Finish: Ah nice, a long finish with oranges and grapefruits and caramel. Also some smoke and a hint of spices.

The way to describe this: It’s like eating an orange marmelade in front of the distillery watching the sunset and the sea, while cars are passing by. Fruity and dirty but with great satisfaction. It loses a few points on the not so expressive nose but besides that, a great, great whisky. This is the typical oranges, salted and oily profile of Oban but on steroids. Love it! Where are these cask strength Oban releases nowadays?