Aberlour 13 year old, Distillery Exclusive

Aberlour 13 year old

A while ago I already reviewed the Dalwhinnie Distillery Exclusive, today it is finally the turn of this Aberlour 13 year old. A bottle I rarely skip when I’m in Speyside, provided they’re available of course.

These Aberlour distillery exclusives are released in two versions, one that has had a sherry maturation and the other has matured in American oak. The bottles are already filled, so it’s not a Bottle Your Own version, but they do come in a nice wooden box. In the meantime, I’ve been able to taste a few and I always think they are rather nice. Besides that, they are also very affordable (Β£75,-). And that together is reason enough for me to always stop by the Aberlour Distillery when I’m in the area to see if they’re available.

This Aberlour has matured in American oak casks and is bottled at 51.3% ABV.

Aberlour 13 year old tasting notes:

Nose: a little restrained at first. But giving it time reveals pears and yellow apples. There’s a touch of coconut. Plenty of vanilla, followed by a hint of honeydew melon and bananas. Later nougat and lemons, but also lemon sponge cake.

Taste: quite some vanilla on the arrival, but also bananas. Creme brulee. Honey. Unripe kiwis and lemons. A herbal note, which I can’t define.

Finish: mid-long with caramel, creme brulee, honey and that very same herbal note as on the palate.

As soon as the nose opens, more and more flavours are added, you just keep smelling them. However, this is somewhat less in the taste and finish, where it becomes somewhat simpler. Nevertheless, it is certainly a nice whisky, but the nose remains the favourite here.

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