Glenfiddich 15 yo Distillery Edition

Glenfiddich 15 yo

Yes, time for some new tasting notes!  Today it is all about the Glenfiddich 15 yo Distillery Edition. I was a bit curious about this one because of the high level of abv. Something you don’t see very often by a Glenfiddich.

The Glenfiddich 15 Distillery Edition has been matured in Bourbon casks and Oloroso casks. Bottled att 51% abv and is non-chill filtered.

Glenfiddich 15 yo Distillery Edition tasting notes:

Nose: The classic pear and apples sugared and backed, floral and honey notes which are also quite typical to Glenfiddich. (also in the ABV by the way 51%), ending with vanilla. Touch of lemon/citrus.

Taste: Sweet, warming and you don’t get the 51% ABV here (dangerous 😉 it so easy to drink) again apples and pears. this time warm apples and pears, creamy and honey. A bit of cinnamon and nutmeg, also a little bit pepper (or is this chili?) a touch of oak. I get a bit of dark fruits here.

Finish: Warming sweet lot’s of honey, warm apples, the oak and spiciness is there but not to aggressive. Some caramel, nutmeg and a lovely honey. Medium in length.

Very pleasant to drink and a nice step up from the standard bottling. It has more character en depth than the 15 year old Solera bottling. Well worth its money. Oh and don’t let the name distract you, it’s also available in your liquor store.

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