Today I tasted The Glenlivet 16 yo Nàdurra. The first of the Nadurra series has been released in 2005. Since then they have released multiple batches per year, and they can taste quite differently between the batches. But let’s stick to batch 0813Y today, I will compare several batches against each other in the near future.

The Nadurra has been matured in bourbon casks and is bottled at cask strength, non chill-filtered (Nadurra means natural in Gaelic). 56,1% abv.

The Glenlivet 16 yo Nàdurra tasting notes:

Nose: At first it is extremely heavy on the vanilla, it is hard to sense any other flavours. After setting it aside for a moment the other flavours reveal. Very sweet nose with flavours of butterscotch, some floral hints, icing sugar, honey and lemon.

Taste: The first thing I taste is vanilla. The taste is a little bit fresher than the nose. Fresh cut grass, but also sweet candy and a touch of lemon.

Finish: And here is the vanilla again, the finish is not very long, I think mid long. It finishes of with white pepper.

What do I think about it? It’s got a little bit too much of a vanilla taste for me. It surpasses the rest of the flavours and that’s a shame. I must say this is a freshly opened bottle and my experience with previous batches is that it improved a lot after being openend for a while.