Rosebank 30 year old

Rosebank 30

When you receive an invitation for an online tasting with the new Rosebank 30 year old, you don’t say no to that (at least not me). And certainly not if there is also a Glengoyne 30 year old in that very same tasting. I even had to skip school for this (Yes I’m back to school and I’m by far the oldest but that’s another story). It almost made me feel like a teenager again. Although skipping school and secretly drinking cheap beer had now been replaced by expensive whisky.

Anyway, this all happened last Monday and that was certainly not a bad start of the week. So the tasting consisted of these two very different 30 year olds and the new Glengoyne Legacy Chapter two. But for this review, I will stick to the Rosebank.

Ian McLeod Distillers, who bought Rosebank in 2017, is currently rebuilding the distillery that closed in 1993. It will actually be a completely new distillery because there is nothing left of the old equipment (the stills and many of the other equipment were stolen from the old building years ago by metal thieves). However, the same kind of stills will come back, as they plan to produce a whisky in Rosebank’s old style. Although the new Rosebank will not be the same as it once was, that is almost impossible due to several factors, it is Ian McLeod’s goal is to release something similar or even better. But only time will tell how this will turn out.

But in the meantime, until the new to be made Rosebank whisky is finally ready (which will take at least another 10 years), there will be an annual release selected from the old remaining casks. With this Rosebank 30 year old being the first one of these releases.

This Rosebank, distilled in 1990, has matured in refill sherry butts and refill bourbon hogsheads. Bottled at 48.6% ABV.

Rosebank 30 year old tasting notes:

Nose: Very vibrant and fruity, especially for its age. Really good! Bananas, nectarines and peaches. A sweet grapefruit, followed by sweet somewhat overripe pears and mango. Later also a pinch of honey and caramel fudge. A faint hint of charred oak as well.

Taste: Again very fruity and quite elegant. Pears and sweet apples. But also nectarines. There is a lovely layer of creme brulee, giving it a creamy texture. Then it goes towards spices, leaving the creamy texture behind. White pepper, cinnamon and a touch of cloves. A little bit of toffee and a touch of charred oak again.

Finish: long with the same spices and somewhat oaky. Some fruits in the background.

A long time ago since I’ve had such a beautiful dram and definitely one of the better whiskies I have tasted this year. A very good Rosebank, which with its thirty years of age delivers exactly what you want from such an old dram. It’s still very vibrant, nowhere too oaky, but full of flavour and an abundance of tropical fruits. Just slightly above my budget. 😉

Sample provided by De Monnik Dranken and photo credit: Rosebank

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  1. Zo’n pareltjes kunnen/mogen proeven, ‘t is 1 van de mooie dingen die ons als whiskyliefhebbers nu en dan te beurt vallen. Mooie review voor een heeeeel mooie whisky. Succes met de nieuwe opleiding!

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