Speyside 1989, Le Gus’t

Speyside 1989

Yesterday I did a poll on Instagram about which whisky to review first and this Speyside 1989 from Le Gus’t was clearly the winner! So with this my review as promised. 🙂

Le Gus’t is a French importer and a real family business, as Philippe Markey works closely together with his son (Amaury) and his daughter (Cynthia). And that the Markey family has a passion for good whisky is beyond question because after reviewing several bottlings from them, I have been truly impressed and I can say that it is absolutely one of my favourite bottlers at this moment. That I’m not the only one who is enthusiastic about Le Gus’t is certainly reflected in Whiskybase, where the average scores per bottle are usually above 88. They may not bottle much, but it is certainly of very good quality.

So now this Speyside 1989, a blended malt, but in fact it’s a 30 year old Burnside (teaspooned Balvenie). It has matured in a fino butt and is bottled at a strength of 56.8% ABV.

Speyside 1989 tasting notes:

Nose: lovely fruity. Oranges, some lemons in the background. Pineapples, followed by a hint of bananas. Red apples and pears. A little bit of white chocolate. Honey. And a floral note.

Taste: Honey. Pineapple, oranges and red apples. Vanilla. Pencil shavings. Pink grapefruit. Herbal tea. Slightly peppery, white pepper.

Finish: long. Vanilla. Honey.

Another great cask pick from Le Gus’t! They just keep impressing me. Well done! I’m looking forward to their next releases.


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