Tasting notes: Speyside Malt 1975 – Sansibar

Speyside Malt 1975

Speyside Malts, the range of the recent Speyside malt 1975 “undisclosed” Speyside distilleries releases is really impressive. Even the 1973 releases have been popping up quite often in¬†2016 and early 2017. All with very high scores on Whiskyfun.com¬†and whiskynotes.be. I finally got my hands on some samples, so I am able to try and compare some of them.

This “undisclosed” Speyside distillery might not be so undisclosed, as the rumours are it’s Glenfarclass. But then again,¬†I have also heard that it may be Benriach or even a closed distillery like Caperdonich. These¬†are all just rumours, only a few¬†people know which casks were really used. So it’s all coming down to the whisky itself. I mean, an undisclosed Speyside whisky does it really matter? I like it when people are enthusiastic about a dram¬†and don’t know what it is. It really shows the name isn’t that important as long as you deliver quality.

Something that is not just a rumour: the quality, the general consensus is that it’s good, very very good. That’s why I want to try it and see if this really lives up to expectations, can this “undisclosed” whisky deliver on the promise?

This Speyside Malt has matured in a Fino sherry butt for 40 years and is bottled at 51,3% ABV.

Tasting notes: Speyside Malt 1975 Sansibar spirit shop selection

Nose: Tropical fruit galore; guave, melons, mangos, bananas. Very nice, I love this! Some fresh green apples too and then some honey. When giving it some time, it becomes a bit nutty. There is also a little bit of oak. Some additional bitternes (from the oak?) in the mix too, but it is really well balanced. It works and gives it another dimension.

Taste: Heather honey and a lot of fruits! A little bit of mustiness at some point. Cask influence and wood influence is appearing here, but all within the limits.¬†At 51,3% you might expect to add some water but this doesn’t need that at all. Some coconut¬†and creamy flavours here too. Again the tropical fruits and a lot of it!

Finish: The finish is long sweet and thick. Good mouthfeel, as if I put a spoon of honey in my mouth. But it’s not all honey, sugared fruits too, a pinch of lemon, and a little bit of¬†pepper. The fruit keeps on going, combined¬†with a bit of herbs. WOW this is something else! What a great finish!

I had very high expectations for this one and it really delivered! And I’ve heard this is not even the best one in the range. Yeah… You can make me very happy if you pour me a dram of this whisky. ūüėČ

But now¬†I wonder if this Speyside malt 1975 from Sansibar can live up to the 1973 releases…. Only one way to find out.

Picture: Whiskybase

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