Springbank 10 year old

Springbank 10

The Springbank 10 years old is definitely one on the list of affordable, tasty single malts. I hadn’t bought it for a while, but now that I am reviewing some more entry-level whiskies, this should of course not be missing. So it seemed a good time to revisit it.

However, that turned out to be easier said than done. Because it is not easy to get to a Springbank now. There is a scarcity around Springbank, which is already a brand that sells quickly and is available in limited edition because of the batch releases, but now there is another reason to add here. And yes you might have guessed it, Covid-19.

Not only had Springbank closed its visitor centre, but the production was also shut down, as was the bottling hall. Literally the entire staff was sent home because safety first! A wise decision, which has led to the fact that there is hardly a Springbank to be found in the liquor shops.

But in the meantime, the Cadenhead shops have been cautiously opened again and measures have been taken to reopen the bottling hall too. It then only seems logical that Springbank will also start up again in the foreseeable future. So hopefully we’ll see some more Springbank (and Cadenhead) on store shelves soon!

This Springbank is bottled at 46% ABV on 06-12-2018.

Springbank 10 year old tasting notes:

Nose: red apples A hint of farmyard. Followed by vanilla and oranges. Honey. Minerals and chalk. Lemon peels as well. And some toffee.

Taste: red apples. Vanilla and caramel. Some peat in the background. It’s a bit salty. Honey. Oranges. Followed quickly by a hint of grapefruit. And a herbal note. Some spices too, such as black pepper and nutmeg.

Finish: short to mid-long. Oranges and salty caramel.

A nice entry-level whisky, and in my opinion one of the better ones out there. If you’re looking for a nice, not too expensive dram, this is definitely worth it. However, the nose is slightly better than the taste. But all in all a lovely daily dram.

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