Stauning Rye Winter Edition, batch 04-2021

Stauning Rye Winter Edition

Only a few days until spring, so I’m just in time to review this Stauning Rye Winter Edition, right?

But to be honest, it is of course a bit late in the season to review this now, but that is not without reason. This Stauning Rye is, apart from a different label, the normal rye from the Danish Distillery. And maybe you remember, I’ve reviewed a batch of this whisky before and I wasn’t sure what I thought of it at first.

I thought it was too woody at the time and I had the same with this batch. But with the previous batch, this changed a few months after opening the bottle and so I wanted to know if this was the same with this Stauning Rye Winter Edition to give it a fair chance. So here we are, about three months later, and wondering how our Danish friend is doing now.

This Stauning Rye is made from local barley and rye. Matured in new American oak barrels, before being bottled at a strength of 48% ABV.

Stauning Rye Winter Edition tasting notes:

Nose: a big note of milk chocolate, mixed with spices, such as cloves and nutmeg. A touch of oak. Then freshly baked rye bread, followed by sweet honey. Blackberries, but also oranges. Caramel fudge and a faint hint of powdered sugar.

Taste: more caramel fudge, but also some vanilla. There’s a hint of pencil shavings. Lemons in the background, but also red berries and blackberries. Then milk chocolate. Oak here as well. Cinnamon and nutmeg too.

Finish: mid-long with warming oak spices, cranberries and a hint of chocolate and hazelnuts.

And indeed this one is much better now than when I opened the bottle. The woody tones are more settled it seems. It has now become a pleasant, warm and rich whisky that I can certainly appreciate. Yes, it is a winter warmer, but also excellent for the somewhat rainy spring days. Or just when you feel like it, of course.

Bottle provided by Salud Distribution

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