Tasting notes: Ben Bracken 40 year old

Ben Bracken 40 year old

This Ben Bracken 40 year old was released by Lidl Germany and was for sale for only €189,-. When I read that I had to scratch my head, because it is a very nice price for a 40-year-old single malt. The Ben Bracken range is quite popular these days, even in the Netherlands people are talking about it and it isn’t even for sale here (it isn’t allowed). So I became very curious about this whisky. Can it actually be that good and is it value for money?

This Ben Bracken was bottled at 42,1% ABV. Limited to 1500 bottles.

Ben Bracken 40 year old tasting notes:

Nose: In the beginning I get quite some leather, old leather. Then oak, but in a very pleasant way. Some tropical fruits like mango, guave, and pineapple but it turns quickly into an ubundance of oranges. A hint of menthol, tobacco, apple syrup and fudge. The alcohol gives it a bit of a punch but that goes away at some point.

Taste: This is quite fresh especially since it is so old, quite heavy on caramel though. A little leather and oranges. But pretty narrow and a bit weak. It is 42.1% and at some points I would think it’s higher but the whole pallet feels a bit watery. Then oranges again and wood, which is a good combination here.

Finish: The finish is mid-long, with oranges, caramel, some leather and oak. Fairly long considering the age.

I must say that I’m quite surprised by this. Although it is not a stunning whisky it is actually pretty good. Especially considering the fact that you get a 40 year old single malt whisky for €189,- (even at some point available for 149,- per bottle).

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