Tasting notes: Edradour 1999

Edradour 1999

Ok, I know it is summer and it is really hot outside. But I am cleaning up my collection of open bottles (there were just too many, almost empty bottles), and so I also came across this Edradour 1999. A real sherry bomb, and one that I usually prefer to drink during a cold winter day. But before it’s gone, I had to write the tasting notes of course. So let’s start.

This Edradour has matured in a sherry butt for 14 years and is bottled at 57,3% ABV. Cask #2115.

Edradour 1999 tasting notes:

Nose: Wow heavy sherry and oak! This is very influenced by sulphur. I’m not sure if it’s too much, but it’s too much for me. This gives it a lot of power in the nose, and it takes quite some time before I get red fruits, plums and tobacco. A bit of fudge and burned sugar, that is not yet turned into caramel. But it still shows me a lot of heavy, heavy sherry, and did I mention oak already? After leaving it in the glass for some time it becomes more friendly. Much more forest fruit and red fruits, a bit nutty too and it has a nice sweet touch to it. This is becoming quite good, but in the beginning I almost thought this would turn into a nightmare. 😉

Taste: Much fruitier then I would expect from the nose; sweet candies, red fruit like strawberries and raspberries. A bit of brambles and a hint of honey. Some pepper and a touch of oak. There is some ginger and oranges. And a bitter note from coffee too.

Finish: The finish is mid-long to long, it’s not too woody and sherried. Friendly on the forest fruits.

Frankly, I did not really looking forward to taste it after I had smelled this whisky. I thought I would only taste oak and sherry, but it turned out to be rather good. It just needs a lot of time and with a few drops of water it will loose the rough edges. It is still not my favourite dram, I am afraid. But it is a good Edradour.

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