Tasting notes: Glen Keith 1973- Cadenhead

Glen Keith 1973

A Glen Keith 1973 from Cadenhead, it ticks all the boxes for brandname, age and bottler. So I was very pleased when Jason from Whiskyrover gave me a very generous sample. It’s not everyday you can try a 43 old Glen Keith!

Cadenhead has been on my radar for quite some time now. And as far as these single cask series are concerned, I can only say that those I tasted have scored very well in my book. I have had the pleasure to taste a few Glen Keiths in the past. But it turned out that I did not write any tasting notes for any of them. So it’s time to do so!

This Glen Keith has matured in a bourbon hogshead and is bottled at 43,2% ABV.

Glen Keith 1973 tasting notes:

Nose: Floral and citrus on the nose, no wood influence. A bit of surprise at this age, but a pleasant one.  A little bit of dust and dunnage warehouse smell but all very nice. Then lots of fruit; fresh green apples and red apples. Some honey and sugar candy (pink sugar cubes), and pastry too.

Taste: It’s starts fresh with some lovely citrus fruits, gentle and prickly but not too much. Very nice and vibrant, honey and a hint of vanilla. There is a bit of saltiness and a very small touch of ginger. But all within the limits, this is good! Very good!

Finish: A pleasant and long finish, mostly fruits and a little bit of oak. But just a gentle element. All very good and nice.

It’s old, but at some point it feels younger than 43 years old and at the same time it also shows its age as it is a very good developed whisky. It’s a great one, very well balanced, and a lovely nose and taste. Yep, Cadenhead did it again!

Picture: Whiskybase

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