Tasting notes: Glenallachie 2000

Glenallachie 2000

Did you¬†try a Glenallachie before? It’s a brand¬†that didn’t ring a bell when I found this bottle to be honest. I really had to look up what I was going to try¬†but that’s the fun of bumping into something new, right?¬†This Glenallachie 2000¬†was for sale at the Aberlour distillery shop.

The Glenallachie distillery was founded in 1967 in Aberlour. Nowadays it is owned by Chivas Brothers (part of Pernod Ricard). And as it goes with the brands we don’t know that well, this whisky¬†is mainly used for blends. Mostly for Chivas Brothers’ own blends, like Clan Campbell and of course Chivas Regal.

This Glenallachie is 14 years old and is bottled in 2014 at 57,3% ABV. This is batch GA 14006.

Glenallachie 2000 tasting notes:

Nose: Hmm this is pleasant and easy.¬†It’s quite high in the ABV, but my nose is taking it like a champ. No burning nose at all. ūüėČ It’s malty, slightly fruity and has some floral notes. Sweet pastry, butterscotch and powder sugar. Some vanilla too. I’m not sure if I can find the Glenallachie spirit in here. It feels like a lot of bourbon influence. There’s a¬†little bit of citrus in there too; lemon shavings. Also the pastry still remains, I like this. As if you are entering¬†a French pastry¬†shop.

Taste: Sweet, honey and vanilla. Easy going although the high ABV is definitely¬†speaking here. It needs a few drops of water. Yep this is better,¬†it tones down the heavy alcohol. It also brings out some more citric notes, but also get’s a bit bitter.

Finish: The finish is mid-long¬†but the bitter aspect remains. Water doesn’t help here, the finish is much better without water.

It’s¬†nice, sweet and easy to drink. Just watch out for the high ABV.

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