Tasting notes: Longmorn 17 year old – Adelphi

Longmorn 17

Longmorn is another whisky that normally is used for blends. But lucky for us it is not hard to find as an independent release. Like this Longmorn 17, which is bottled by Adelphi.

The Longmorn Distillery has been established in 1893, when the whisky boom was in full swing. It was a period that many distilleries were built. But unlike most of them, the Longmorn distillery has continiously been running. Although the distillery had to be sold after 4 years, the next owner made sure that the distillery became very successful. Longmorn became a key ingredient in blends and that has remained the same since then. Since 2001, the distillery is owned by Pernod Ricard and operated by Chivas, and their whisky is now mainly used for Chivas Regal.

This Longmorn has matured in a 1st ex-bourbon hogshead and is bottled at 53,6% ABV. Cask. no. 48431.

Longmorn 17 year old tasting notes:

Nose: Oranges, apricots. A touch of lemon in the background. A layer of honey. Pim’s biscuits (the ones with orange filling). Vanilla. Then the lemon scent begins to show itself more. Followed by a hint of oak. Ginger. And a faint hint of coconut. Some waxy notes as well. With water: Fruitier, mostly oranges and lemon. Menthol too. And a bit oily.

Taste: Oranges, citrus, and some honey sweetness. Wood spices. A hint of ginger and cinnamon. Also a bit waxy again. With water: More fruity and coconut again.

Finish: The finish is dry and short. Some oak and somewhat bitter.

A nice dram with as highlight the nose. However, it looses some points on the short bitter finish. The taste is good, but not very complex. But it is certainly not a bad whisky. Better without water though.


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