Tasting notes: Singleton of Glen Ord – 15 year old

Glen Ord 15

Another week, and time for another one of the Singleton of Glen ord range. This time I will review the Glen Ord 15 year old. Just like the 12 year old this one was bottled for the Asian market, but you can also buy these bottles at the distillery. And that’s also where I tasted these expressions initiatially. But our designated driver was kind enough to give me his samples, so that I could taste them again in the comfort of my own home. So thank you very much for that! 🙂

This Singleton of Glen Ord was bottled at 40% ABV.

Singleton of Glen Ord 15 year old tasting notes:

Nose: Floral tones and quite fruity at first. But also somewhat oily and a bit of leather. Later more darker fruits, like brambles and figs. There is also some vanilla and citrus.

Taste: The floral tones again, and fruity too; mostly pears and apples. Then milk chocolate, some leather and honey too.

Finish: The finish is still thin and short too, just like the 12 year old.  And a bit spicy.

In the initial tasting I liked the 12 year old better than the 15 year old. Now that I taste them side by side again the 15 year old wins it over the 12 year old. The 15 year old Glen ord brings out more of the sherry influence.

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