Tasting notes: Springbank 14 Bourbon Wood

Springbank 14 Bourbon Wood

It has been a while since I bought this Springbank 14 Bourbon Wood, I believe somewhere in October last year. And it has been staring at me ever since. So why don’t you just open it, you might wonder? Well, I just have too many bottles open, and I thought I had to empty some bottles first. You know the drill..

Until two weeks ago, when that damn bottle caught my eye again and I could not resist to open it. Yeah, I know, I’m weak, but next time I will put it out of sight. And maybe I should not have read all those good reviews, so that I wasn’t triggered to taste it myself. But hey, who cares.. One more open bottle, doesn’t matter, right? Maybe I should just drink a little faster. 😉

This Springbank has matured in fresh and refill bourbon casks and is bottled at 55,8% ABV. Limited to 9.000 bottles.

Springbank 14 Bourbon Wood tasting notes:

Nose: Lemon, peat, and a little bit of dieseloil at first. Then some vanilla. A hint of pineapple, and a thin layer of icing sugar. Sweet ripe pears as well.  Later also some tropical fruits, like bananas. A bit briny too. With water: More lemon and oranges. Super, super nice!

Taste: Rather sweet and fruity at the beginning. Guave and oranges. A bit of mango too. And some sugar. a hint of caramel maybe? A nice layer of peat. Later some grapefruit which gives it just a bitter edge, but certainly not unpleasant. With water: Even sweeter and fruitier, the bitter edge is gone.

Finish: The finish is rather long. Some peat and fudge. And grapefruit too.

A very very good Springbank. Great balance and very enjoyable. Good without water, but also nice with a few drops of water.  Yup, another great Springbank release. And I’m glad that I opened this bottle!

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