It’s time for a Teaninich 1982, which was released for the members of the former Bladnoch forum. For those who aren’t familiar with the Bladnoch forum, it was set up, somewhere around 2001, by the former owner of the Bladnoch Distillery.

In this way he could keep people informed about the distillery’s progress and news. He also used the forum to sell independent bottlings, which could only be purchased by members of the Bladnoch forum. The bottlings were known for their good quality and very fair prices. The last bottlings were released in 2012 and when the distillery went into liquidation in 2014, this also meant the end of the Bladnoch forum.

This Teaninich has matured in a hogshead for 27 years and is bottled at 49,2% ABV. Cask no. 7697.

Teaninich 1982 tasting notes:

Nose: Vanilla, grassy and it has a bit of a floral touch. Butter mixed with citrus, a very nice combination. Then a faint smell of honey, it’s quite spirity in the nose. I thought the ABV was higher based on the first nosing. The honied aspect grows.

Taste: Butter and lemons again. Sweet honey, but also a bit of a sting. It’s starts very fresh but the butter aspect increases over time, very nice!

Finish: The finish is mid-long with hints of lemon.

It’s a good dram, I like the fresher aspect and the butter influence in the taste. But it has a sting from the alcohol that bothers me a bit, but it is still a nice dram. Especially for the summer period!

Picture: Whiskybase