Tormore 1995 – Le Gus’t

Tormore 1995

A Tormore 1995 from le Gus’t on the menu today. And that’s a bottle I was very curious about! Normally, Tormore is not really on my list to buy, were it not for all those beautiful indie bottlings that were released in 2019. Most of them were a bit older (around 30 years old), but all of them received very good scores and reviews.

And although this one from Le Gus’t is a bit younger, namely 24 years old, it certainly seemed worthwhile. This French liquor store has surprised me in the past with many beautiful bottlings, such as this Speyside 1988, which was actually a Macallan or this other Speyside, which was actually a 29 year old Burnside (teaspooned Balvenie). And last but not least, there is a unicorn printed on the label of this Tormore 1995, so it must be good, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

This Tormore has matured in a butt for 24 years and is bottled at 45.4% ABV.

Tormore 1995 tasting notes:

Nose: Oranges and plenty of it. This is leading towards honey and apple compote. Tobacco leaves. A hint of vanilla, and some caramel fudge. A citrus note in the background. Resin. Grapefruit and green bananas.

Taste: Tobacco leaves in combination with fruits. Honey comb. A hint of bananas. Resin again and vanilla custard. A touch of ginger and mint too.

Finish: Mid-long to long with mostly grapefruit. But also vanilla, ginger and mint.

A very beautiful Tormore, where the character of Tormore comes out beautifully. It also has a bit of an old skool feel to it, which I really love. It does take a while to open up, but if you give it that time it will develop more and more and it really becomes a wonderful dram. A nice combination between the sweet fruit and the fresh notes of ginger and mint.

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