Last week we were in Ghent for the International Whisky Festival, but afterwards we had to eat of course! If you, like me, are fond of hamburgers you have to go to Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar (website). They really do have the best burgers in town! And I don’t mean those soggy burgers, but the real authentic ones you used to see only in New York.

The atmosphere of the place is great, lot’s of young people. Do take into account that it can be crowded, no worries a very nice bar will keep you busy before you start your dinner. It seems like a very popular place and that always is a good sign to us. Don’t be mistaken when you hear: burger bar; the quality is perfect. They have many different burgers, don’t expect a list of 50 burgers, it’s about 15 quite different ones with your usual and some special toppings. Everything is prepared by themselves, even the mayonnaise and ketchup.

Whisky bar or burger bar?

It’s not possible to reserve a table so just hop in, get yourself a seat at the bar (if you are lucky) and enjoy the whisky. They have a very good selection of scotch but you can also go here to drink a cocktail or a bourbon. A few examples: Yamazaki, Laphroaig, lagavulin and even a Pappy Van Winkle (bourbon) can be found in the bar. We liked it a lot and will definitely keep it in mind for the next time we visit Ghent.

I am curious to find out how they keep the high quality of whisky in the bar stocked. As it was good in 2016, will it still be in 2018? Most likely I will be back by then. Loving the city and atmosphere in Ghent and the annual whisky festival makes it almost a no brainer to return soon and visit Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar again.


Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar
Sluizekenstraat 2, 9000 Ghent, Belgium