Whisky mousse – recipe

Whisky mousse

Yesterday a couple of friends came over for dinner and I wanted to make something special for dessert. Only thing I knew it had to be something with whisky in it, of course. So I came up with this fantastic mousse, added a little Glenfidich Solera 15 y.o. in it and that was that. The result: A lovely whisky mousse! Very easy to make and my guests enjoyed every bit of it.

Ok, this is what you need for 6 portions of my whisky mousse:

3 egg-whites
6 yolks
350 ml whipped cream
125 gr white sugar
5 sheets of gelatine
125 ml white wine (dry)
150 ml Glenfiddich Solera 15 y.o.
A small piece of dark chocolate

And this is how you make your whisky mousse:

  • Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar in a bowl. Hang the bowl over a pan of boiling water, making sure that the base doesn’t touch the water. When the egg yolk becomes a thick whitish yellow ribbon you set it aside to cool.
  • Put the cream into a bowl and beat with a whisk until it has a lobed structure.
  • Beat the egg-whites until stiff.
  • Heat the white wine and take a sip of the Glenfiddich. 😉
  • Then squeeze the water out of the gelatin, and stir this with the wineContinue to stir until the gelatin is dissolved.
  • Mix the wine/gelatin into the egg yolks, continue mixing until everything is combined en and the mix is smooth.
  • Then stir the whisky through and fold the cream and egg-whites.
  • Put it in 6 small glasses and refrigerate for 2 hours to set.

Just before serving, make some chocolate shavings and place it on top of the whisky mousse.

Serve it with a glass of the Glenfiddich Solera 15 y.o. if you don’t have that just replace it with a different whisky. Fun to try different flavours. Do let me know what you created and which whisky you used!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Whisky mousse
Whisky mousse





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