Ardnamurchan AD/07.21:05 is the fifth release from the fledgling distillery. And so far I have only tasted the first bottling, which was quite tasty by the way. So it’s time to return to Ardnamurchan to see how things are now.

Nothing has actually changed for the creation of this last batch, because just like its predecessors, it also consists of 50/50 peated and un-peated single malt. In addition, it has matured in both bourbon and sherry casks and again the same ratio has been used, namely 65% bourbon casks and 35% sherry casks. An interesting mix, that worked quite well for the first batch (and the rest probably too), so let’s find out what this batch will bring.

This Ardnamurchan is bottled at a strength of 46.8% ABV.

Ardnamurchan AD/07.21:05 tasting notes:

Nose: a soft layer of smoke mixed with a lovely mix of all kinds of berries: red berries, blackberries and raspberries. Then a hint of vanilla, quickly followed by lemons and apples. Tea biscuits. A light farmyard smell, giving it just a bit of a ‘dirty’ edge and minerals. Followed by creamy caramel.

Taste: quite creamy at first but there’s also smoke. Caramel, but vanilla custard here as well. Apples and raspberries. The farmyard notes are back and minerals too. A hint of pecan nuts, followed by toffee and cinnamon. It’s slightly salty.

Finish: Mid-long and sweet, with caramel and cinnamon, but also honey and raspberries. Slightly mineral-like.

A step-up of the first Ardnamurchan I tasted and which I thought was quite good already! Some of the flavours are certainly similar, but I have the idea that this one brings just a little more and the finish is definitely better and longer. Kudos to Ardnamurchan for creating such a lovely young whisky and great to see that this batch brings just that little bit more. Well done!