Glengoyne Cask Strength, Batch no. 007

Glengoyne Cask Strength

The Glengoyne Cask Strength has been around for many years now, first launched in 2012 and not long ago batch 008 was released. So I am somewhat late with this batch 007, which was released last April, but I certainly thought it was worth reviewing anyway.

Many brands nowadays have their own cask strength edition, think of Glendronach, Tamdhu, Springbank, and Kilkerran, to just name a few. Even Highland Park has recently launched its own cask strength edition. I don’t know what the latter is like, but all the others are pretty decent drams for sure.

I love these cask strength editions, and although I rarely buy a bottle twice, this is quite different with these kinds of releases. The difference per batch is clearly noticeable, so it is always a surprise how the batches relate to each other. Interesting right?

Oddly enough, I haven’t tried the Glengoyne Cask Strength before, even though I can certainly appreciate a lovely Glengoyne. It’s a nice brand with a solid core range. So let’s see how this Cask Strength edition turns out to be.

This Glengoyne has matured in 5% Bourbon, 32% 1st fill sherry, 63% refill sherry casks. Bottled at 58.9% ABV.

Glengoyne Cask Strength tasting notes:

Nose: quite some butterscotch and toffee at first. But also a faint note of sour oranges. Then peach. A layer of honey, followed by vanilla. It’s a little restrained, but water helps to open it up. It becomes fruitier and creamier.

Taste: a rather heavy alcohol punch. Then I get some honey and oranges. A citric note as well. Blueberries. Vanilla and caramel fudge. Red chilli peppers. A few drops of water makes it more friendly and creamier but the chilli peppers are still there. I also get almonds now.

Finish: mid-long and stingy peppery. Mocha and almonds.

A solid dram, not overly complex but rather nice. I can’t compare it with the other editions, but I think it’s a good whisky in its price range.

Photo credit: Whiskybase

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