Ben Nevis 1999, Nanyang Whisky & M&E Drinks

Ben Nevis 1999

This Ben Nevis 1999 has probably travelled more than many a traveller in the past two years. It finds its origin in Scotland, after which it went to Singapore, only to find its way back to Europe where it finally settled in the Netherlands.

This was not for sale here in Europe, but it’s a Ben Nevis bottled for Nanyang Whisky and M&E Drinks. Two Singaporean bottlers who released this bottle together.

A brief introduction: Nanyang Whisky was founded by a group of friends, who all share a great passion for whisky. They take cask selection very seriously, so if not everyone on the team enjoys the whisky in question, they won’t bottle it. And that pays off because so far all their releases score quite high.

The same actually applies to M&E Drinks, which is run by Mitch & Elise (husband and wife). They share the same passion for whisky and their releases must also be loved by both.

The fact that they have joined forces for this Ben Nevis can only promise a lot. So let’s take a look at what this one has to offer.

This Ben Nevis has matured in a hogshead and is bottled at a strength of 52.7% ABV.

Ben Nevis 1999 tasting notes:

Nose: oh this is lovely, with plenty of (tropical) fruits. Peach and pears at first, but there’s a hint of pineapple and lemons too. Mango. Followed by minerals and later also a caramel note.

Taste: mouthwatering. And again quite fruity. Peach again, but also nectarines. Galia melons. Bananas in the background. Minerals. A hint of beeswax and caramel. Quite some pink grapefruit too.

Finish: mid-long with pink grapefruit and beeswax.

It reminds me of a few 1996 Ben Nevis releases actually, really nice. It has a slightly bitter edge from the grapefruit, but this disappears after a few sips. After that, the rest of the fruitiness takes over. Yes, this is another delicious Ben Nevis in my books. Really great cask pick guys!

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