Campbeltown blend 2015, Roger’s Whisky Company

Campbeltown Blend 2015

This Campbeltown blend 2015 is the second from Roger’s Whisky Company’s Hidden Treasures series. The first, a secret Speyside 2013, had a clue on the label indicating what it actually is, but this blended malt doesn’t really need that.

Of the 3 distilleries currently located in Campbeltown, you can actually assume that two are most likely not candidates for this blend (Springbank and Glengyle). So this brings us to the most logical contender for this new Hidden Treasures bottling, which is a (teaspooned) Glen Scotia.

This Campbeltown blend is 6 years old and is bottled at 54% ABV.

Campbeltown blend 2015 tasting notes:

Nose: quite some vanilla custard at first. Lemon drizzle cake. But also sweet yellow apples, followed by hazelnuts.

Taste: again quite some vanilla here, but it’s also peppery straight away. Pears and a hint of sweet mandarins. Then caramel fudge, mint but also bitter dark chocolate.

Finish: mid-long with a light mineral note, pears again, dark chocolate and a hint of mint.

A nice and solid dram, but not one that stands out for me compared to his other releases.

Sample and Photo provided by Roger’s Whisky Company

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