Secret Speyside 2013, Roger’s Whisky Company

Secret Speyside 2013

Besides the fact that Roger’s Whisky Company recently released a very nice Ben Nevis, there was also a Secret Speyside 2013. And that’s the one I’ll be reviewing today.

It is now his 3rd bottling and the 1st in the brand new series Roger’s Hidden Treasures. A range that will consist entirely of single cask releases whose name may not be displayed on the label. Something that we, unfortunately, see more and more often, but for which Roger has found a creative solution by making it a separate series and if you look closely…. You can find a hint on the label that reveals where this single malt is distilled.

This Speysider has matured in an ex-bourbon cask and is bottled at a strength of 56.1% ABV.

Secret Speyside tasting notes:

Nose: Oats and vanilla. Quite some pears. Green bananas. A touch of caramel fudge, which is followed by fresh lemons. Slightly mineral-like too. Later also nougat and a touch of ginger. Sprite (the soft drink) and a hint of apricots.

Taste: lemons and lots of pears here as well. Green apples and apricots. Nougat too. Vanilla. A hint of barley sugar. And then Sprite again. Topping it off with quite a bit of heat from red chilli peppers.

Finish: mid-long with pears again, unripe bananas and a touch of liquorice.

I think it’s rather nice. The nose offers just a little more than the taste. The chilli pepper heat takes over a bit there near the end, although it has completely disappeared again in the finish. But not bad at all and quite affordable too. It actually reminded me a bit of Linkwood at some points. However, that is not the Speyside distillery where this single malt was distilled…. (Have you found the hint yet?) 🙂

Sample and photo provided by Roger’s Whisky Company


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