Back to peated whisky this week, in the form of a Caol Ila 2007 bottled by Torsten Paul Whisky Company. Torsten had sent me this bottle a few weeks ago (which I’m very grateful for, thanks Torsten!), but due to the tropical weather here in the Netherlands, I only got to look at it instead of actually tasting it. And curious as I am, you can imagine that was quite difficult for me. 😉 Fortunately, that heat has now passed, so it’s time to finally open this bottle.

But before we move on to the tasting notes, let me briefly introduce you to this young Dutch bottler. Torsten started his journey as a bottler only last year, when he released his first two bottles (A Dailuaine 2011 and a Dalmore 2013). This Caol Ila 2007 is his 3rd bottling and just like the other two, this one is bottled under the Scotch & Tattoos series. If you know Torsten a bit, you can easily guess where this name comes from, as his arms are starting to fill up nicely with tattoos from different whisky brands. It kind of reflects his own journey through the whisky world.

To start his own brand has always been a dream of his. And with a lot of passion and hard work, he managed to make that dream come true. And besides the fact that he is super enthusiastic about everything whisky, he’s also very friendly and when I meet him it’s always good fun. But now it’s time for his Caol Ila because I’m starting to get really curious!

This Caol Ila 2007 has matured in a bourbon hogshead for 13 years and is bottled 54.4% ABV.

Caol Ila 2007 tasting notes:

Nose: quite fresh and clean and quite good! An elegant layer of peat, mixed with a touch of sauerkraut. Fresh green leaves and slightly grassy. Then lime appears and minerals. Which is followed by some herbs, such as liquorice and a pinch of anise seed.

Taste: peat but very well integrated. Salty and a hint of ash. But there’s also kiwi. Some honey here as well and vanilla in the background. Caramel. Mint in the very background. Slightly peppery. too.

Finish: long and somewhat ashy. A hint of nettles too, ha! Didn’t saw that coming.

I’m very impressed with this Caol Ila! The nose is just fantastic, but the rest is actually great as well! They say you can never go wrong with Caol Ila and this one proved it again. Some Caol Ila’s are just good, but this is one of the greater ones. I’m totally loving it and I don’t expect this bottle to be around for very long. Well done Torsten!