Tasting notes: Caperdonich 1992 – Van Wees

Caperdonich 1992

Next up! A Caperdonich 1992 from the Dutch independent bottler Van Wees. Caperdonich is one of the lesser known closed distilleries, it has no such cult status as Brora and Port Ellen. This makes it slightly easier to find and also very important… for a better price. Yes we Dutch people are always looking for a bargain. 😉

Caperdonich, formerly known as Glen Grant no. 2, was built in 1898 across the street from Glen Grant. Whisky became more popular and the demand was high. But that changed quickly and after 4 years they already had to shut the doors. It was not until 1965 that the distillery was reopened. This time it was rebuild by Glenlivet Distilleries Ltd. and they also changed the name to Caperdonich. Unfortunately, the distillery was closed again in 2002, a year after it was acquired by Pernod Ricard. The distillery has never reopened and is now even completely demolished.

This Caperdonich has matured in a hogshead for 19 years and is bottled at 46% ABV. Cask #46241.

Caperdonich 1992 tasting notes:

Nose: Very, very fruity! In the beginning especially white fruits, like green apples and unripe pears. But there is also a lovely hint of citrus. Later more fruit is added; apricots and pineapple. There is is hint of ginger and fresh mandarins too.

Taste: Hmm this different, it’s malty and peppery. Less fruity than the nose, but the fruits are still there. A little bit bitter, but still pleasant and there is some sweet honey in the background.

Finish: A nice mid-long finish. A little peppery and bitter and some fruits on the background.

I really enjoyed the fruity nose! It starts really fruity and it ended somewhat bitter and  a bit peppery, but not in a bad way. I think this is a really good release from Van Wees. Quite a surprising dram actually. It is a lot less peppery than I am used to from other Caperdonichs from 1992. Quite soft even, but with just enough punch.

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