Glenlossie 2006, Signatory Vintage

Glenlossie 2006

After all those peated whiskies from last week, it was time for another Speysider and that will be this Glenlossie 2006 from Signatory Vintage. It has been a while since I have tasted anything from Signatory, so when I saw this Lossie I couldn’t resist buying it.

Perhaps not the most famous Speyside distillery but in my view one of the better ones in recent years. It’s a bit of an underdog, as there are hardly any official bottlings, except for a 10-year-old Flora & Fauna. But don’t let that stop you, because there are regularly beautiful single malts of Glenlossie released by independent bottlers, such as this one from Elixir Distillers, which I reviewed a few months ago. I’m quite curious about this Signatory bottle actually, so let’s see if it lives up to my expectations.

This Glenlossie has matured in 2 hogsheads for 12 years and is bottled at a strength of 59.3% ABV. Cask no. 3289 & 3290.

Glenlossie 2006 tasting notes:

Nose: some lovely fruits. Green apple peels, unripe pears and a touch of vanilla. A lovely lemon pie. And it’s somewhat grassy, as in freshly cut grass. Butter and butterscotch too. This is followed by a hint of pink grapefruit and a pinch of icing sugar. Tinned apricots. A touch of milk. Later also a light herbal note.

Taste: surprisingly drinkable at a strength of almost 60%. Green apples again and pears too. Somewhat more vanilla than in the nose. Honey. Galia melon and peach. Butterscotch. Toffee. Somewhat peppery towards the finish, white pepper. But this will settle after a few drops of water. All that’s left then are the fruity notes.

Finish: mid-long to long. with mostly galia melon and vanilla.

And here you go. Another great Glenlossie. Glenlossie is almost starting to become the Speyside equivalent of Caol Ila for me. Not because it’s been released as much as Caol Ila, but it’s always rather nice. And it stays consistent with that typical Speyside character. But… This is dangerous stuff as it is incredibly drinkable at this high ABV. So be careful with this one.

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