Hazelburn 11 year old, Springbank Society

Hazelburn 11 year old

And today it is finally time for this Hazelburn 11 year old, the latest release from the Springbank Society. I had actually wanted to post this sooner, but when I tasted it for the first time, I got really odd flavours, which I was almost sure off it couldn’t be right. Perhaps this was due to the whisky I tasted before this one. So I thought it was necessary to sit down with it once more and that turned out to be the right choice because now it tasted completely different.

After reviewing this delicious Longrow last year, this is only my second society bottle here on Whiskylifestyle. However, I have been able to taste a few more and the great thing about these bottles, with the well-known brown label design, is that they are always of good quality and also very affordable! And that is, in my opinion, a good reason to join the Society. (which reminds me again that I still have to do this myself ….)

This Hazelburn has matured in re-charred bourbon hogsheads and is bottled at 54.2% ABV.

Hazelburn 11 year old tasting notes:

Nose: overripe pears, followed by hay. Vanilla and some lovely butterscotch. A faint hint of smoke. Ricola, you know the candy? It seems a bit herbal. Then some caramel fudge and almonds in the background. With water: More towards the fruity notes and fresher. It adds pineapple, green apple and a hint of lime.

Taste: a nice thick mouthfeel. Honey. A tropical note with kiwi and fresh pineapple. Toffee. Vanilla. And Ricola again, for the herbal touch. Almonds. Pink grapefruit. In the end, I also get some menthol in the background. With water: fresher, green apples and lime.

Finish: The finish is long but a bit one-dimensional. A herbal note, a hint of menthol and pineapple.

Another fantastic release for the Springbank society. Not very complex, but just very delicious.


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