Tasting notes: Springbank 12 yo Cask Strength, batch 14

Springbank 12 yo cask strength

With all the fuss going on about the Local Barley release most people might look passed the Springbank 12 yo cask strength. It’s also limited to 9000 bottles (more or less) and 2/3rd of the price of the Local Barley. Now I will not compare it with that release as I think the Springbank 12 yo cask strength deserves its own review. If you take a look at the price though we can say it’s interesting. Especially if you are looking for a good Springbank at a fair price, this Springbank 12 yo cask strength might just be the thing for you.

This Springbank has matured for 70% ex sherry casks (oloroso) and 30% ex bourbon casks and it is bottled at 54,2% ABV. This is batch 14.

Springbank 12 yo cask strength tasting notes:

Nose:Ā Marzipan and dried fruits. An underlying layer of leather and peat. Some sugared candies but all very well-balanced, nice! Sherry is speaking here but the bourbon still has a voice. Later on with some drops of water I get grassiness and some farm smell, stables with dry hay.

Taste:Ā Quite fruity. Dried fruits but the darker ones, like blackberriesĀ and blueberries. Strawberry and oranges. There is some sweetness from chocolate too. Some mustiness if you add water but only a little bit. Ending with a hint of tobacco.

Finish:Ā A drying finish in the mouth, chocolates and darkĀ fruits. Sherry influence is taking the overhand over here.

Overall a very good Springbank, very much up my ally and with a good price / quality ratio. Now you can purchase the 11 year old Local Barley if you can find it, but if you are looking for something nice to drink and for a great price just go for this Springbank 12 yo cask strength. It’s good, not exceptional but very good.

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