Tasting notes: Benromach 1973 Heritage

Benromach 1973

The Benromach 1973 Heritage, what can I say…¬†it feels a bit strange to write a first Benromach tasting note about a 42 year old whisky. It is certainly not the first Benromach I’ve tasted, on the contrary. But still, it feels weird… I wanted to wait so I could review other (and younger) Benromachs first.¬†But when I tasted it, all I could think was that this is just too good not to post now. So this is my first Benromach review, but I’m sure there are plenty of others that will follow this year.

Many many thanks to JJ from Whiskyrover for sharing this sample with me (you can read his thoughts on this Benromach here).

This Benromach has matured in a refill American hogshead and is bottled at 48,9% ABV. Only 52 bottles were released.

Benromach 1973 Heritage tasting notes:

Nose:¬†A tropical fruit explosion!! This is sooo good! Bananas, pineapple, papaya and lychees are stealing the show here. But also some nice butterscotch and a feint hint of oranges. It’s a little musty (wood/oak influence perhaps?). Later some grapefuit joins the party, the tropical fruit explosion¬†is now slightly less powerful. Some honey and heather are here now too. What a great, great nose, this is very promising for the taste. Although I am almost afraid¬†to taste it, as it¬†makes you wonder: Will this be disappointing because the nose is THAT¬†good or is this a harbinger of things to come?

Taste:¬†Wow, hello tropical fruit welcome back again! All of the same fruits as mentioned here above are back. Slightly bitter because of the grapefruit. There are some oak influences as well, but also some beautiful spices. And don’t forget some sweetness from honey. Yep great again.

Finish:¬†This all ends with a beautiful lingering finish. It’s¬†a little bit peppery, but just a pinch. And of course some tropical fruits are here as well; Pineapple, a hint of grapefruit and bananas.

Just wow! Is that enough for you guys? ūüėȬ†A fantastic dram, beautiful complex, layered and very exuberant, especially in the nose. Beautiful, beautiful whisky, very well-balanced. As I mentioned¬†before: Just WOW!¬†

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