After the 2021 edition that was sherry cask matured, the Springbank Local Barley 2022 is back to maturation in 100% bourbon casks. But just like its predecessor, this edition is also made from Belgravia barley, which comes from Glencraigs Farm.

Even though the number of releases has increased considerably this year, namely to 15,000, it almost felt as if fewer were available as it sold out faster than ever. Nevertheless, the Local Barley’s hype continues unabated and is still ever-growing. Not very surprising, since the secondary prices of these bottles also continue to grow.

Not a good development if you ask me, and the question is how long this can continue. But, it is as it is at the moment, just a shame for the whisky drinker, who often does not have the chance to purchase such a Local Barley. Not only because of the quick sell-out but also because it is often simply unaffordable, even at many liquor stores that sell the bottles well above the RRP. Anyway, it is a problem that has been discussed many times. There is no easy solution, but let’s hope that these bottles will be more readily available in the future for more people to enjoy them.

This Springbank is bottled at 51.6% ABV.

Springbank Local Barley 2022 tasting notes:

Nose: quite light at first. Fruity, with notes of apples and unripe pears. A touch of lemons. Vanilla too, mixed with a pinch of sea salt. A floral note. Then minerals and some chalk. The well-known Springbank farmyard smell is here but not very pronounced, although this develops later on. A light peat note too.

Taste: a lovely creamy mouthfeel. Vanilla custard. A little bit of peat, followed by that nice typical farmyard note. Candied Lemons. Minerals and chalk. Then pink grapefruit. A touch of pepper, but also sea salt.

Finish: mid-long to long, with a hint of lemons, chalk and sea salt.

It’s a pleasant and good Local Barley, but perhaps not more than that. Which makes this edition slightly on the expensive side (RRP) for what you get.