A few months ago, I asked you on Instagram what you would recommend for lovely whiskies that are still available for around or under €50. And this Talisker 10 years old was among the 3 most popular answers. So you still owed me a review of this one.

The previous one in this series of 3, the Ledaig 10, was a pleasant surprise for me as I had never tasted it before. It is different with this Talisker because I had had it several times, although that was quite some time ago, even before I started this blog. Therefore, an excellent opportunity to find out whether I still think this is a nice single malt and to actually write a review of it this time.

This Talisker has been bottled at 45.8% ABV.

Talisker 10 year old tasting notes:

Nose: sweet smoke. Red apples and a hint of honey. A lovely sea breeze and a mineral note. Liquorice in the back. Caramel fudge and a little bit of pepper.

Taste: smoke again, mixed with salted caramel. Some milk chocolate. A hint of lemons, which is followed by a pinch of sea salt and a little bit of pepper.

Finish: mid-long with a touch of smoke, pepper and sea salt. Caramel too.

Talisker may have had new labels since last year, but it still has the same flavours as I had in mind. The maritime notes are there, and so is that characteristic peppery note that Talisker often has. Although the Ledaig 10 may be just a bit more my personal preference, this one is also very nice and still has a reasonable price of about €35!