A while ago I asked on Instagram which whiskies you would recommend for around €50 or less. This is because I get this question quite often and I always mention the same bottles. So I thought it would be nice to review some of your choices as well. The most popular were the Clynelish 14, Talisker 10 and also the Ledaig 10 year old, which we will start with today.

Ledaig’s entry-level is also one that I’ve strangely never tasted, although I really like the brand. In fact, I think I’ve tried very few of Ledaig’s original bottlings anyway, let alone review them. So besides the fact that this one turns out to be a popular single malt under €50, it was also a nice opportunity for me to get acquainted with the standard range of Ledaig.

This Ledaig is bottled at a strength of 46.3% ABV.

Ledaig 10 year old tasting notes:

Nose: sweet peat and a malty note at first. Then oranges and fresh pears. A light farmyard smell and a salty note too. A hint of seaweed and fish oil. Vanilla. Lemons and later also eucalyptus in the back.

Taste: peat again, but also a hint of ashes here. There is a sugary note, some honey too. Sweet pears and lemons. Seasalt. Followed by creamy vanilla and caramel fudge. Later also a touch of black pepper.

Finish: mid-long. peat. caramel fudge, toffee and more of that black pepper here. Slightly salty.

I’m glad I finally tasted this Ledaig and I can imagine that this is a bottle that is standard in people’s cupboards. It’s a really nice peated whisky, a lovely daily dram and great value for money!