Talisker x Parley Wilder Seas

Talisker Wilder Seas

If you’re on Instagram, you may have already seen this Talisker x Parley Wilder Seas, a new limited edition that I think deserves to be in the spotlight.

It’s a collaboration between Talisker and Parley, an organisation dedicated to preserving our oceans. To create more awareness, but certainly also with the idea that you can achieve more together, Parley has entered into numerous partnerships, including creative communities, governments, environmental groups, and brands, such as Adidas, Dior, and now also Talisker.

For this partnership, Parley and Talisker are teaming up to raise money for a few key projects to save and preserve the sea forests off the coast of Scotland, Chile, and South Africa. These sea forests, which also occur off the coast of the Isle of Skye (home of Talisker), currently cover 25% of all coastlines on Earth and play a critical role in planetary health. Unfortunately, these are disappearing 4x faster than the rain forest, which shows how important it is that something is done about it now.

For this limited edition, 100% recycled glass has been used, and the paper label has been replaced by a ceramic design, which looks beautiful! For every bottle sold, Talisker donates £3 to Parley. A great initiative, but now the question remains… What do we think of the whisky itself? 😉

This Talisker has been finished in French oak XO Cognac casks before being bottled at 48.6% ABV.

Talisker x Parley Wilder Seas tasting notes:

Nose: a gentle layer of smoke and brine. Seaweed and that distinctive note of pepper. Then it goes to the sweeter side with raisins and plums, but also a hint of caramel. There is a malty note as well.

Taste: it’s oily at first. With sweet notes from raisins and chocolate. The smoke is more pronounced than in the nose, and it’s slightly ashy. Red apples. Then a mineral note and a pinch of sea salt. Of course, there is some black pepper as well.

Finish: mid-long with more of the brine, smoke, and black pepper.

The nose is my favourite. It has a little more depth than the taste and finish. But overall a very good Talisker. With, of course, those characteristic flavours that we know from the distillery. Quite enjoyable!

Bottle provided by Talisker

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  1. Sounds like a whisky I might like.
    It’s unfortunate that Talisker doesn’t disclaim the vintage of this bottle.
    I’m hesitating between purchasing this one or Benromach 2013 Cask Strength.
    In my market, they are both at the same price.
    Mercigato Noortje for your precious insights 💙

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