Tasting notes: Aberfeldy 1983 – Daily Dram

Aberfeldy 1983

Tasting the Aberfeldy 1983 from Daily Dram is the¬†first Aberfeldy where I actually write notes for. Although I might have had one¬†or two¬†of the official releases, but that was in the time I wasn’t really looking at whisky as I do now. Daily dram to me would mean a very descent and easy to drink whisky. So I am curious to find out if this whisky can deliver on that promise. Aberfeldy is mostly used for Dewars blends and not a well known brand. As I recall the official releases it’s quite heavy on the honey but that is just a faint memory. ūüėČ

Aberfeldy 1983 – Daily Dram tasting notes:

Nose:¬†Fresh herbal and zesty, I get a very distinctive citrus smell. Something sweet and a bit maltiness. It’s not a young whisky but I get a faint young smell in there. Not a complex nose but a very refreshing one. Touch of mint, a good spoon of honey and vanilla. Then grassiness and herbs again. With water the barley is more prominent.

Taste: Very fresh, limestone, lemon and grass. A good punch in flavour, not to big but also not shy. Well balanced, fruits like apple, pears and pineapple. A bit of honey is surfacing but lime and grass are most dominant here.

Finish: Again very citrusy. Refreshing to find this in a whisky. I would almost think of a limoncello aftertaste, not that creamy but it sticks. (if you know what I mean)

A tricky whisky, 50% ABV… I wouldn’t get that to be honest. So With this freshness on a hot summer day it will go down easy.

Now I wouldn’t call this my daily dram, it’s good, it’s different but not something for me on a daily base. It will do well in a summer period that’s for sure. Would score this as a very nice whisky to showcase how different whisky can be. Not sure if it’s to everybody’s liking though. In the summer maybe…

Time to also look into the standard releases. This makes me curious and I wonder how this one stands up against the 21 year old standard release.


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