Tasting notes: Ardbeg Grooves

Ardbeg Grooves

Every year a new limited whisky is released for Ardbeg Day. Last year that was the Ardbeg Kelpie, this year we have the Ardbeg Grooves. The logo and the box look like they came straight out of the 60’s , what appears to be a reference to this year’s theme: ‘the ultimate 60s celebration of peat, love and happiness’. Titled: Peat & Love.

But in reality the name of this new limited Ardbeg has nothing to do with this flower power theme (thank god.. 😉 ). It refers to some of the casks that have been used, since a portion of the Ardbeg Grooves has matured in re-toasted red wine casks that have been heavily charred. And this caused deep grooves in the wood. Et voilà, there you have your name!

This Ardbeg is bottled at 46% ABV and will be available from June 2.

Ardbeg Grooves tasting notes:

Nose: It starts immediately with a bit of peat and bonfire smoke. Blueberries and red grapes. And it’s quite briny too. Followed by citrus. A hint of cinnamon. Later also red apples.

Taste: Yep that bonfire smoke is here too. A hint of smoked bacon. But also the blueberries are here as well. Fresh plums and blackberries. And it is somewhat ashy. In the end it becomes quite spicy. Smoked paprika powder and peppery too.

Finish: The finish is mid-long with ash, and a sweet fruity layer. Also a bit briny.

It is definitely well put together. Very well balanced and quite pleasant too. But I just miss that surprising note that would make it a bit more interesting, since it doesn’t blow me away either. Nevertheless, it is certainly not bad whisky.

(Sample provided by Ardbeg)

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