Tasting notes: Bowmore 1998 – Adelphi

Bowmore 1998

My first review of a Bowmore dram! Now that was about time. This Bowmore 1998 was bottled by Adelphi. Let’s see what it brings.

This Bowmore has matured in a refill sherry cask for 12 years is bottled at 61,9% ABV. Cask #800017.

Bowmore 1998 – Adelphi tasting notes:

Nose: High in the alchol, but it stays a little bit closed by that alcohol. Dark chocolate and a bit salty. Also dark red fruit, but just a feint hint. When water is added it becomes more fruity, cherries and blue berries. Later coal smoke and lime are coming through as well.

Taste: A lot of brimstone and chocolate, that’s all I get. And spicy from the alchohol. With water more flavours reveal. There is still brimstone, but less. Which I find more pleasant. A little bit fruity, the dark fruits are back again. But also toffee.

Finish: A long finish again with brimstone. Bitter dark chocolate and later some brown sugar.

A somewhat strange whisky, but interesting though. This Bowmore has a very specific taste and has a rough edge. It is not a whisky I would buy, but that has everything to do with personal taste. It needs a lot of water to open up and in order to get a better taste, otherwise the brimstone is overwhelming.

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