Daftmill 2007, winter batch release

Daftmill 2007

There are a number of new distilleries that I love to follow, for example, Daftmill (well, maybe not that new) and Bimber. The downside, however, is that it’s quite difficult to obtain because most of these distilleries release their single malts in smaller batches. Take this Daftmill 2007 winter batch release, or actually all Daftmill releases. They just sell out before you know it. I did miss out on the latest Bimber releases but luckily I was able to get this latest Daftmill. And that was about time because my last review dates back to early October 2019.

Besides the occasional single cask, two batches of Daftmill are released annually. A summer and a winter release, which refers to the seasons in which they distil. The other seasons they work on the farm. However, the disadvantage is that many of these bottles end up at auctions and are offered at ridiculously high prices. But we all know, where there is scarcity and the quality is good, there is a high demand for such a bottle. That’s how it goes. Anyway, this bottle will at least be enjoyed and shared with friends on a beautiful summer evening when the opportunity arises.

This Daftmill has matured in 7 1st fill bourbon casks for about 12 years and is bottled at 46% ABV. There were 1690 bottles available.

Daftmill 2007 tasting notes:

Nose: really lovely. Apple juice! And quite floral too. There is some lime. Plenty of vanilla. Fresh pears and freshly cut grass. Green bananas. Peaches. A hint of cookie dough and a lemon pastry with icing sugar on top.

Taste: a nice creamy mouthfeel. Quite some vanilla here as well. Caramel fudge. Green bananas again. A hint of liquor 43, ha! Pink grapefruit. Ginger. Later also mint and oranges. Crushed black pepper too.

Finish: a nice long finish with mint, grapefruit and a handful of spices; ginger and crushed black pepper.

What a great nose! But the taste is also very good, which ends with a long finish. I think this is the best Daftmill I have tasted so far. Simply delicious.

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