Tasting notes: Glen Grant 1974 – Duncan Taylor

Glen Grant 1974

Glen Grant is not a whisky that I drink very often.  This is not for a specific reason or anything, but in one way or another I never think of Glen Grant when I’m looking for a new bottle. But as it goes with whisky, you still keep discovering new things and so I ran into this Glen Grant 1974! An impressive 36 year old, this could be interesting…

This Glen Grant was bottled at 52,4% ABV by Duncan Taylor for their Rare Auld series. (Cask #16560)

Glen Grant 1974 tasting notes:

Nose: Hmm very nice! Honey and a lot of fruits; pineapple, apples and oranges too. A hint of hay. Later it gets spicier. Nutmeg and cloves mostly. When you add water the spices dissapear and the fruitinesss stays. More of the oranges and pineapple, but also white fruit like sweet pears.

Taste: An oily mouthfeel. The oranges are back, also mangos? But these are in the background. It’s a lot spicier than the nose. Ginger, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. With water, a litte more fruit.

Finish: Now that is a proper finish! Very long. It starts really fruity and it ends up with the spices again.

This is a very beautiful whisky. Great nose! I feel this whisky is better with a few drops of water, even though it becomes somewhat less complex. But if you like it more spicy than fruity, than no water is needed. I think I need to discover more of Glen Grant. 🙂

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