Tasting notes: Glen Mhor 1975 – Cadenhead

Glen Mhor 1975

Glen Mhor is one of those distilleries that remains relatively unknown to the general public, and I have to say it has never been on my radar either. After being introduced to this fairly unknown brand some years ago, I never really had the chance to sit down and take my time to write a tasting note. But luckily that is going to change today, because I will be reviewing this Glen Mhor 1975! How about that. 🙂 This one was bottled by Cadenhead, by the way.

For the ones that are not familiar with Glen Mhor. This distillery, located in Inverness, was one of the many distilleries that closed in the early 80s. Founded in 1893, it operated for about 90 years before being closed in 1983. Barely three years later the distillery was demolished and replaced by a shopping center.

This Glen Mhor has matured for 17 years and is bottled at an impressive ABV of 60,9%.

Glen Mhor 1975 tasting notes

Nose: It starts with green grass and lots of it. Followed by apples, a faint musty note and a slight mushroom smell. Then lychees and back to the apples. The grassy layer is the binding factor. Some limestone and again back to the apples. With water: the limestone comes more to the fore and pushes the grassy layer to the background. Nice!

Taste: Quite strong, yes I know 60.9% ABV. There is a somewhat bitter edge that reminds me of Schweppes. Some mustard, more of the limestone, and apple peel. Grassy and lemon too. With water: zesty lime and more of the Schweppes.

Finish: The finish is mid-long, with mustard and limestone.

This is a different type of whisky. It plays nicely between the grassy, lime and fruity notes. Also the bitter edge seems to work just fine here. It’s a very good whisky but don’t expect it to be your laid back easy drinking type of dram.

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