Tasting notes: Tomatin 2005 – Distillery Exclusive

Tomatin 2005

This Tomatin 2005 is one of the distillery exclusives you can buy at the Tomatin Distillery. I was there two weeks ago and I could then choose from 5(!) different whiskies that had matured in the following cask: An Oloroso cask, Px sherry cask, an virgin oak cask and a bourbon cask. All 5 were single casks and you can fill the bottle yourself. So you buy something truly special, in my opinion (yes, I’m a sucker for these distillery exclusives).

The one which has matured in an Oloroso cask was my preference. So that was the one I bought and taken home with me, and also the one I will be reviewing today, obviously.

This Tomatin has matured for 12 years and is bottled at 56,9% ABV. Cask no. 5231.

Tomatin 2005 tasting notes:

Nose: Red fruits, like strawberries and raspberries. Then dried fruits as well: Sultanas, raisins, plums, dates too. Some honey in the background.  There’s a lingering sour note from balsamico. Quite lovely. Later also a hint of milk chocolate. Water reveals lemon, and some oranges. It is somewhat fresher now. Blueberries too.

Taste: Chocolate, sultanas, raisins, balsamico again. Also some nice winter spices, such as cinnamon, and ginger. It is a bit peppery as well. A light coffee note in the end. With water: More chocolate-like (mostly milk chocolate), and the spices dissapear to the background. Creamier. A hint of oranges and citrus here as well. Some honey too. And Rooibos tea.

Finish: The finish is quite long, with all the spices as mentioned above, and the coffee note is here as well. Dark chocolate. Water adds mocha.

An excellent cask, an excellent whisky, very nicely balanced. Enjoyable with or without water.

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