Tasting notes: Glenfarclas 1997 1.203 – SMWS

Glenfarclas 1997 1.203

Back to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society for a Glenfarclas 1997 1.203, but it also goes by the name Promotes Optimism. I’ve no idea what the latter  means, but maybe we will find out after tasting it?

It’s a bit of a weird one really. As it has been matured in a ex-bourbon cask for 19 years. Nothing really weird here though, but then they decided to finish it in a virgin oak cask. I wonder why they did that. Was it not good enough as it was?

This Glenfarclas was bottled at 53.4% ABV. There were 192 bottles available.

Tasting notes Glenfarclas 1997 SMWS 1.203 bottled at 53.4%

Nose: The first things that come to mind are: sweet honey, malty and nutty. Then oak, a bit of oranges all flowing into charred wood. I have never had it this obvious. Like smelling a burned piece of wood without the obvious smoke elements. Cake, toasted nuts and a bit of tobacco and then back to the sweet honey and nutty elements.

Taste: It starts nice but quickly turns to a very heavy oak influence with honey glassed nuts, fennel, and lime. But this heavy charred oak really speaks. Quite some spices here, like nutmeg and a bit of black pepper. And it has a bit of a bitter edge to it.

Finish: The finish is short to mid-long. Mainly on the nutty, sweet malty elements. Some bitterness here too. In the end again some spices.

It’s not really bad, but also not very outstanding. The nose is quite nice, but it goes a bit downwards frome there. There’s too much wood influence in the taste and finish for me I think. So it loses some points on that.

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