Tasting notes: Glengoyne 17-year-old

Glengoyne 17-year-old

It is hot in the Netherlands. Very hot. The temperature today is about 39 degrees Celsius and tomorrow it will be even warmer, which is already said to be the hottest day ever (in the Netherlands that is of course). In the house, it is already about 30 degrees and I don’t really feel like tasting or drinking whisky, also writing is a bit difficult because I almost fall asleep because of this heat. Yes, we are in a heatwave and what do Dutch people prefer to do? Exactly, complaining about the heat. Either way, I thought it was time to post something, namely this Glengoyne 17-year-old. A long overdue review, of which I, fortunately, had already written the tasting notes. So here we go.

This Glengoyne is bottled at 43% ABV.

Glengoyne 17-year-old tasting notes:

Nose: Blueberries, and loads of it. Fresh prunes. Followed by a hint of honey. A touch of lemon. And then it goes back to blueberries again. A bit of oak. Liquorice. And a bit nutty; walnut.

Taste: Plenty of honey here and it’s creamy. Raisins. Then stewed apples and walnuts again. Oak. And a subtle hint of Tobacco.

Finish: Mid-long and somewhat drying. Nutmeg. Dark chocolate. A hint of peppermint.

The taste is a bit disappointing compared to the nose and the finish actually. But it’s not a bad whisky, just not very special.

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