Glen Elgin 2008, Elixir Distillers

Glen Elgin 2008

This Glen Elgin 2008 comes from a series of Elixir Distillers I have reviewed before, namely the Reserve Cask Series, a range released under the Single Malts of Scotland label.

These small-batch releases are quite affordable, and the ones I’ve tasted were of excellent quality, too—reason enough for me to buy something from the Reserve Cask Series regularly. The previous two, a Clynelish 2010 and an Orkney 2007, were both €60, if I’m not mistaken, and that’s what I also paid for this Glen Elgin. Not too bad, right?

This Glen Elgin is bottled at 48% ABV.

Glen Elgin tasting notes:

Nose: yellow apples and pears. Honey and a hint of powdered sugar. Then vanilla custard, a lovely waxy note. Later also lemons.

Taste: green apples and unripe pears. Lemons. Creamy vanilla custard. A light floral note. This is followed by a touch of pink grapefruit and a little bit of white pepper.

Finish: mid-long. Lemons and pears. Vanilla custard. A touch of pink grapefruit here as well. White pepper.

And that’s another lovely release in the Reserve Cask series. I really like this Glen Elgin, and for €60 it’s definitely worth the money. Not very complex, but just very tasty!

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