You will most likely know by now that Linkwood is high on my list of favourite distilleries and that Cadenhead is one of my favourite independent bottlers. Therefore you can imagine that this Linkwood 1989 fom Cadenhead sparked my curiosity. So let’s get the party started!

This Linkwood has matured in a sherry butt for 26 years and is bottled at 50,2% ABV.

Linkwood 1989 tasting notes:

Nose: A bit of mint or menthol and some fruits. A bit of caramel, but it is all quite restrained. Maybe I am too impatient…  Yes, this needs some time, it’s really a big difference between a freshly poured dram and one that has had at least 30 minutes of time to breath. Much more fruits and especially apricots. Orange peels, a little bit of peach too. Lovely!

Taste: Sweet oranges, apricots and a touch of oak. I kind of get something like Schweppes in there. A kind of bitter freshness (if that makes any sense…) Some honey sweetness too. It’s much fresher on the taste then on the nose, very sweet and very easy to drink… But very good as well.

Finish: A mid-long finish, with oranges and apricots. Nice!

Overal: It’s not an extremely difficult whisky but it is very well-balanced. And if you let it stand for a while…  It will be delicious!