Tasting notes: Glen Elgin 1995 – Blackadder Raw Cask

Glen Elgin 1995

Blackadder must be one of my favourite independent bottlers, especially the Ā“Raw CaskĀ“ series isĀ to my liking. Ā This series is a collection of whiskies which are bottled directly from the cask, without even mechanical filtering. The Ā“Raw CaskĀ“series are on the market since 2000. Today I am going to taste the Glen Elgin 1995 from the Blackadder Raw Cask series. Hopefully it is as good as the other ones I tastedĀ from the series.

Glen Elgin 1995 is 18 years old. It has matured in a hogshead and bottled at 58,2% ABV. Cask no. 1674.

Glen Elgin 1995 – Blackadder tasting notes:

Nose:Ā Sweet and fruity. Ā Orange marmelade and ripe pear. But also tropical fruit, like melon. Later more citrus fruit and a little bit honey.

Taste:Ā Again sweet and fruity, but wit a punch of pepper. It’s a combination of orange, honey and white pepper. When adding water you get grapefruit as well.

Finish:Ā Very, very long. It is spicy, with flavours of ginger and oak. Also a little bit dry.

And yet another good Raw Cask edition! Blackadder did a good job here. It needs a few drops of water to loose its sharpness, but then it gets really nice and sweet. Lovely.

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