Tasting notes: Longmorn 1993 – SMWS 7.160


A first review for a Longmorn here on Whiskylifestyle. This 23 year old Longmorn, better known as ‘Ending a Perfect Day’  with code no. 7.160, is bottled by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. These bottles are not for sale in your local store, but you need a membership of the society to be able to buy these bottles.

The society never uses the distillery names, but instead code numbers and quirky names (as mentioned above) are used. So how do you know which brand it is? Well, that’s where the code numbers are for. Each code consists of two parts. For example, 7.160, the 7 refers to the distillery (in this case Longmorn) and 160 refers to the 160th cask acquired from that distillery.

This Longmorn has matured in a Refill Ex-Bourbon cask and is bottled at 55,5% ABV.

Longmorn 1993 SMWS 7.160 tasting notes:

Nose: This is very nice! Some lovely fruits to start with, like peach and pears. It’s somewhat waxy. Then sweetness is added. Pastry and sugar. Finishing with a bit of bitterness and freshness of grapefruit.

Taste: It’s fruity, fresh and sweet. It starts with orange peels and mandarins, but slowly changes into canned pineapple. Then the sweetness takes over, that brings us back to the pastry again.

Finish: The finish is mid-long, there are some bitter fruits and a little bit spicy. Very enjoyable!

A very nice and friendly dram, a crowd pleaser. Not very complex, but a great one to enjoy during a beautiful summer day. Yes, I believe the name says it all!

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