Tasting notes: Longrow 15-year-old, Springbank Open day 2019

Longrow 15

After being absent for a while, due to an unforeseen break, I am back! And a few weeks ago I promised you a review of this Longrow 15-year-old, which was bottled for the Springbank Open day 2019. So sorry for the delay, but here is finally my review.

I can say that I’m a big Springbank fan, but somehow I have never paid much attention to Longrow. That has changed in the last year after a Campbeltown tasting with my family and also by a number of friends who provided samples of Longrow to me in order to become more acquainted with this brand. These friends of course already knew that this was something that I would like, but why would you listen to your friends, ahem… 😉

Anyway, long story short, they were right, I do love Longrow. It is only my second review, after a fantastic Society bottle, but more will follow soon!

This Longrow has matured in fresh rum casks and is bottled at 52.4% ABV.

Longrow 15-year-old tasting notes:

Nose: Quite peaty at first, combined with pineapple, green apples and lemons. Then it goes towards bananas. Followed by vanilla. Caramel? Pina Colada.

Taste: Less peaty then the nose suggested. But it is lovely creamy. Bananas and plenty of it. Minerals. Milk chocolate and caramel. Lemon here as well. It is somewhat salty. Chilli peppers in the end.

Finish: The finish is long and with more peat than in the taste. Vanilla and lemon. A hint of chilli peppers too.

Oh, I like this Longrow, it’s a nice balance between the Longrow spirit and the rum cask. Both not too overpowering. It just works. Very drinkable. 🙂

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