Tasting notes: Old Pulteney 1997 – distillery exclusive

Old Pulteney 1997

Lately I haven’t posted many reviews on this blog, sorry for that! This was partly due to a trip to Scotland, but also because I have been extremely busy. But I promise you that I will ensure that this will change and that I will post an article 3 times a week, as I normally did. So today I will start with a long overdue review of this Old Pulteney 1997.

I tasted this for the first time when I was in Wick for a visit to the Old Pulteney Distillery. There we got to taste a few drams after the tour, including the two distillery exclusives (they have another one from 2005). Both were good, but I was very impressed with this 1997. So I bought a bottle, tasted it again in the comfort of my own home and wrote a review about it.

This Old Pulteney has matured in a bourbon cask for 20 years and is bottled at 52,3% ABV. Cask no. 1078.

Old Pulteney 1997 tasting notes:

Nose: Very tropical! Pineapple, papaya, bananas and also ripe pears. Some sweetness from caramel, vanilla and a hint of honey. With water: It goes more towards white fruit, like green apples, pears but I also get pastry; vanilla cake, cookie dough. And a lovely citrus note. This is interesting!

Taste: It feels quite thick, very nice! And it’s a tropical party again. Bananas, pineapple, ripe melons, and a hint of grapefruit. Some honey here as well. Minerals and a bit salty. A vanilla note too. With water: More towards white fruit and lemon again.

Finish: The finish is mid-long with caramel and vanilla, which reminds me of Creme brulee. It is somewhat peppery (white pepper). A hint of grapefruit too. With water: the pepper is gone.

This is one hell of a dram! Very lovely tropical fruits that reminds me more of a tropical island and summer than the rainy and windy place where this whisky is made! 😉 It’s interesting as it changes a lot with water, it moves more towards white fruits instead of the tropical fruits. Which is also nice, but I prefer it without water. Perfect to enjoy during the warmer summer days!

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  1. Great review, great whisky! Just a few moments before I read your post I posted a picture of my own bottle on Instagram @torsdagsdramduellen

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